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Renewing Your Lease?

Enhance your space with fresh paint, new carpet, and relamping of your lights. Yes, we do all that!





PaintandCarpet.com maximizes tenant improvement dollars and minimizes disruption with fast, efficient repainting, recarpeting, and relamping. Our goal is to help you make the most of your budget while keeping your workspace running smoothly and without hassle.

Transform Your Office Space

When you’ve found a place you like, or the timing’s just not right for a move, it may be time to think about enhancements. Many building owners or managers provide Tenant Improvement funding for lease renewals, which can make a real difference in the quality of your workplace.

Quick Assessments and Custom Solutions

We can quickly assess your situation and budget, propose a solution or options that will deliver the best results for the available funds, and get the work scheduled and completed while you focus on your business. We’ll send one team of full-time experts, so you don’t need to be a subcontractor or divert valuable attention from what’s important.

We’ve got the people, materials, insurance, and expertise to enhance the tenant improvement process!

Project Showcase

Freshly painted walls and plush carpets that not only look great but also create a productive atmosphere. When you choose PaintAndCarpet.com, you’re choosing a company that turns your space into a place where style meets function, setting the stage for a better, more inspiring work environment. Just imagine what we can do for your office.

Why Choose Us?

Local Anywhere

We are based in DFW with our primary team, but our network of partners across the U.S. gives us national coverage.

Any size office or building

We customize our solutions and teams to adapt to your needs with minimal disruption to your office workspace.

Full calendar and clock

We can work outside of your business hours including weekends if necessary for a totally seamless process.

Subject matter experts on board

Our team members are experts when it comes to painting, carpeting, low-voltage lighting, furniture, moving, and more.

Quality products and practical economics

We have access to the best options at virtually every price point for a plan that will make sense for you.

Environmental controls

We provide airflow management, floor-to-ceiling sheeting, and take other appropriate steps to minimize odor.

Sustainability commitment

We take proper recycling and disposal seriously, and work with our contacts in the used carpet market for cleaning and reuse.

Solid and stable

We are process-driven and backed by Class A insurance carriers, so you can partner with us with confidence.

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