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Our Promise is Simple

We get in, get the job done, and restore your space efficiently, leaving you to carry on with your life uninterrupted. We understand that time is valuable, and we’re dedicated to maximizing yours. With PaintAndCarpet.com you can trust that every detail will be meticulously attended to, ensuring not only a beautifully transformed space but also complete peace of mind

A Seamless Blend of Services

Paint and Carpet is a business unit of Total Office Solutions. Total Office Solutions, integrates a diverse suite of services and products, each one strategically woven into the fabric of our mission. Coined as our “Anywhere”© Companies, Each entity below caters to a unique set of business needs that embodies the essence of what Total Office Solutions stands for.

Contract Furniture

Corporate Source helps our clients unlock the potential of their workspace with an extensive selection of top-quality furnishings from over 200 trusted manufacturers. We offer contract furniture that is functional and visually stunning with a comprehensive suite of services.

Mid-Market Furniture

Office Furniture Plus breaks the mold of convention and reshapes the understanding of the workspace ambiance. Specializing in Mid market furniture and blend solutions, Office Furniture Plus assembles environments designed to amplify a team’s inherent strengths, catalyzing their best attributes.


Consider TechTeam Solutions the one-stop shop and tech backbone of any business, safeguarding the continuity of operations. TechTeam Solutions offers a robust portfolio of tech-related services—from data, voice, and audio/visual cabling to server relocation and IT inventory management.

Office Moving

Envision a seamless transition of any business space by one of the largest providers of office moving services in Texas and the nation, whether it’s local, regional or national. That’s what Move Solutions offers—expertise in office and business relocation. Services include Moves, Adds, Changes (MAC), to complex relocation projects.

Furniture Liquidation

Furniture Services Now specializes in liquidation and decommissioning, ensuring the repurposing or sustainable disposal of excess assets. Additionally, their comprehensive furniture repair and customized maintenance services effectively reverse the wear and tear of any office.

Helping Hands Post Project

Office Boy provides support to all business units nestled under the Total Office Solutions umbrella. From assembly tasks to workspace rearrangements, Office Boy is adept at tackling a variety of tasks including small moves.


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